manufactures of Electroplating Rectifiers, Servo Stabilizers, Automatic Voltage Controller, Voltage regulator, Isolation Transformer, Furnace Transformer, Electrical Panel, Distribution and Power Transformer and Special Purpose Transformers
Manufacturer of Rectifiers, Electroplating Rectifiers, Silicon Rectifiers, Electroplating Rectifiers, Servo Voltage Stablizers, Voltage Stablizers, Autometic Voltage Controller, Voltage Stablizer, HT Industrial Stablizer, Distribution and Power Transformers, Distribotion Transformers, isolation Transformers, Furnace Transformers,

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Voltage Regulator

Voltage Regulator
Regulator with Carbon
Roller Assembly


Voltage Regulator / Variable Regulator :

- Motorized Voltage Regulator is Equipment from which we can supply fixed
  input voltage & can have output from 0 to any desired voltage.

- There are regd.for testing of motor, transformers, electric M/C. Regulator are
   designed acc to customer requirement.

- The construction of there variable t/f consist of Buck/Boost double wound
   and 1st Type Linear rolling contact regulator for staplers control.