manufactures of Electroplating Rectifiers, Servo Stabilizers, Automatic Voltage Controller, Voltage regulator, Isolation Transformer, Furnace Transformer, Electrical Panel, Distribution and Power Transformer and Special Purpose Transformers
Manufacturer of Rectifiers, Electroplating Rectifiers, Silicon Rectifiers, Electroplating Rectifiers, Servo Voltage Stablizers, Voltage Stablizers, Autometic Voltage Controller, Voltage Stablizer, HT Industrial Stablizer, Distribution and Power Transformers, Distribotion Transformers, isolation Transformers, Furnace Transformers,

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Servo Voltage Stabilizers : Fluctuations in the voltage is a constant feature of Electricity supply we get. Constant fluctuation of a voltage leads to frequent breakdown and higher rejection in end product. We know that 90% of industrial load is of motor. It draws high current at high & low voltage. This higher current produce higher losses in electrical motors. These losses in motor increase the losses in Cables, Switches, Transformers and other associated equipments.

Electro Plating Rectifiers : Rectifier is a device to change high voltage A.C to low voltage D.C used for different industrial application rectifier are available in range varing from 1 Volt to 1000 Volt D.C with current output varing from 10 Amp to 20000 Amp which is suitable for both H.T & L.T Supply. It is used for : - Electro Plating, Anodizing, Hydrogenation, Electro Chemical Processes

Distribution & Power Transformer : Bharti's Transformer, Distribution & Power Transformerare manufactured with standard rating & customer requirement, Bharti’s Transformer are designed & tested as per IS2026. Our transformers are durable low capacitive, power saver and highly official.

Isolation Transformers : Bharti  Isolation Transformers are being used to protect electronic & sensitive creative equipment such computer & peripherals medical instruments, digital machines & CNC M/C from the Excessive line voltage transient, spikes/surges which produced in the system. Apart from this, isolation Transformer also obstructs those disturbances that are generated by the noisy equipment from being injected into the power line i.e. it filters common mode noise usually an attenuation of approx. 30 db.

Furnace Transformer : Furnace Transformer  are of two types (I) Salt Bath Furnace Transformer, Capacity= 12V - 10KVA to 500 KVA 24V - 10KVA to 500 KVA, (II) Rotary Furnace Transformer
Capacity= 70V to 120V Output Neutral to Phase

Voltage Regulator : Voltage Regulator / Variable Regulator , Regulator with Carbon Roller Assembly: - Motorized Voltage Regulator is Equipment from which we can supply fixed,   input voltage & can have output from 0 to any desired voltage. - There are regd.for testing of motor, transformers, electric M/C. Regulator are    designed acc to customer requirement.

Special Purpose Transformer : Bharti Special Purpose transformers include step up and step down transformer or any other desired voltage. Sometime some machines used are of different voltage rating then standard voltage rating and can run according to its specifications only, the special purpose transformers are required. In our premises, system can also be designed and manufactured according to the customer requirement