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Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformer often has symmetrical winding which is used to decouple 2 circuits. It incorporates a full metallic shielding (copper /aluminum) between primary & secondary winding

Isolation Transformers are being used to protect electronic & sensitive creative equipment such computer & peripherals medical instruments, digital machines & CNC M/C from the Excessive line voltage transient, spikes/surges which produced in the system. Apart from this, isolation Transformer also obstructs those disturbances that are generated by the noisy equipment from being injected into the power line i.e. it filters common mode noise usually an attenuation of approx. 30 db.

In Shielded transformer, 4 low impedance path Exist for noises to pass to secondary & vice versa. These paths are:

- High value of coupling capacitance.
- Maximum leakage of magnetic field.
- Leakage current
- Static transformers of electric noise.

The multiple shielding techniques employed in isolation Transformers reduce the inter winding capacitance below to 0.005 Pico farad & increase D.C isolation to over 1000 M ohms.

Application of Isolation Transformer

Protection of microprocessor based Machines from Damage & data loss
Where ground of equipment cannot be earthen
When no current leakage is permitted in equipment
When protection is needed against high frequency line losses & strong surges.