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Electro Plating Rectifiers

Electro Plating Rectifiers

Rectifier is a device to change high voltage A.C to low voltage D.C used for different industrial application rectifier are available in range varing from 1 Volt to 1000 Volt D.C with current output varing from 10 Amp to 20000 Amp which is suitable for both H.T & L.T Supply.

It is used for :
-Electro Plating
-Electro Chemical Processes

Salient Features:
1. Asthetic Design
2. Minimum Power Losses
3. Less Power Consumption
4. Low maintenance
5. Trouble free operation
6. Long Life.

Rectifier - Roller Type Regulator then Conventional Regulator
Inside View of

Advantage of Roller Type Regulator then Conventional Regulator:
Roller Conventional
1.No wave form distortion at any load 1. Wave form distortion
2. High power factors more than 0.95 is achieved 2. Power Factor is low between 0.5-0.9
3. The system is simple & can be easily          repaired 3. The system is specialized & need specially trained experts for repairing.
4. Overall losses are less 4. Overall losses are higher
5. The copper section for particular current is 3 times higher in roller regulators than conventional 5. Copper section for particular current is 1/3 than roller regulator type rectifier.



The transformer winding are built from paper insulated electrolytic winding conductor.

The core is built up high grade cold rolled grain oriented Silicon. Lamination all components of equipment are mounted on a frame work of mild steel housing is fitted with cooling pipes to provide a natural cooling.
Carbon Roller Assembly
Silicon diodes are tested in house six diodes of 150 amps 400 PIV per 500 amps Rectifier D.C. rating are used.

We provide vertical rolling contact type voltage regulator with heavy section of insulated
copper strips suitable for 100% continuous duty cycle fitted with carbon roller assembly and operative life more than 15/20 years. Built with high quality meters shunts indicators and switches in panel board.

Carbon Roller Assembly


CVC Plate
CVC Plate

CVC Card
CVC Card

C.V.C (Control Voltage Controller) (Optional):

We offer C.V.C electronic attachment with rectifier equipments, which will remain constant output voltage or current as per setting automatically irrespective of output variation.

Standard Fitting & Accessories :


Rating Plate


Lifting Lugs


Drain Valves

Thyristor Control

Oil Level

Tripping System

Oil Filling Hole & Plate  

Method of Control:
A. 15 Step Control :
This type of Rectifier the output voltage can be adjusted from about 40% to 100% provided with four way two rotary switches of suitable rating.

B. 63 Step Control :
This type of Recitifier the output voltage can be adjusted from about 12% to 100% provided with four way three rotary switches of suitable rating. (63 Steps for fine control)

C. Stepless Control :
This type of discontinuity also generates undesirable transient voltage. This is done by employing a continuously variable regulator which can either be hand operated or motorized.

Servicing :
We have maintained enviable reputation in market in after sales service this fact can be verified from any of our customers.